A property developer is someone who positively develops the city and builds with respect for people.

CORWIN honours tradition and draws from it. We consider ourselves builders rather than developers - not only out of respect for the ancient profession and the positive meaning of the word but also out of respect for our native language in which "developer" does not originally exist. We build and conduct ourselves in a manner that does not fall to the level of often criticized interventions to the city image. Instead we create quality projects for our future customers with great consideration for the public space.

Property development is our great passion and sole activity.
Our main objective is quality.

  1. Phase:
    Vision and Idea
    3 - 6 months
  2. Phase:
    Design and Planning
    6 - 12 months
  3. Phase:
    3 - 6 months
  4. Phase:
    18 – 24 months
  5. Phase:
    Sales and Rentals
    12 – 36 months
  6. The whole process:
    3 - 5 years


Despite the lack of major visible results, the first phase of every new project is the most important one. Already during the search for suitable land we think of the future client, whom we will once sell or lease the apartments and offices to. At the beginning of the project imagination and its alignment with reality is crucial.
We visualize future projects in our minds, whilst in our portfolio we already have green grounds and family houses in Devin, new apartment buildings in Raca and multi-purpose complex in the Old Town of Bratislava.

We aim for diversity.
Corwin Idea a predstava


The future of the land needs to be designed in a manner that lets the natural features stand out the most - natural light, a view of the landscape, and the character of the estate. Our experienced teams' simple designs make the best and most rational use of space. Public areas and greenery are a matter of course.

Value is created in people's minds.
Corwin - Projektovanie


Our client might not find financing all that interesting, but it is one of the most difficult parts. The complicated calculations determine the final price of apartments and the credibility of the whole project. Building is our sole occupation - we dedicate all our energy and resources to it.

Experience and correctness of the CORWIN team members as well as long-term relationships with major banks make us a financially strong company with great confidence of investors.

We are a Slovak company with Slovak capital.
Corwin - Projektovanie


During the construction we draw from the experience of team members, we listen to the experts and we put great emphasis on details, so that the quality of the entire structure may be clear from them. Future residents and tenants perceive the execution and their testimonials (good references) establish a long-term credibility of the builder.


Quality of the whole depends on the details.
Corwin - Výstavba


The final phase - time for a celebration. After years of preparation, planning and construction, the project enters the market. The first inhabitants move into their new homes, the offices are filled by the first tenants. Customers have their first real experiences with the completed project - the fruit of our long labor. Clients make one of their life's greatest investment with us, therefore we listen to their needs and try to accommodate them.

We truly care about client service.
Corwin - predaj a prenájom



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